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Modular kitchen means that everything is produced in the factory in different modules

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We utilize all latest German and Italian technologies to achieve top quality product that matches to any international standards.

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My mother's idea of a modern kitchen congers up something resembling a school kitchen, and that is a shame because a modern kitchen today has endless possibilities. There are several elements typically found in a modernly designed kitchen. The first is clean, smooth lines in everything possible especially the cabinetry and window coverings, if any are used at all. A lack of clutter and at least one element of stainless steel, usually in the appliances, counter tops, or back splashes is incorporated. As with all new home or remodeled kitchens the costs can vary enormously, thus a modern look is possible in every price range.

Cabinets and appliances are important aspects of a modern kitchen because of the visual space they occupy. Cabinet refacing, cabinet door replacements, or paint offer options for consumers who cannot afford to replace complete cabinets. Laminate finishes in bold, solid colors are a hot trend in modern kitchens and are a great way to add color, keep the lines clean, and not look busy. Glass in clear, frosted, or color in cabinetry can make a kitchen look like a dazzling showplace. Switching or adding streamlined, generally stainless steel, hardware is another modernizing feature for kitchens and the options of hardware available now is worth exploring. Stainless steel appliances are a modern kitchen standard, however, black appliances are a great option and can be more affordable. A favorite option for a truly clean appearance is appliances hidden behind matching cabinet doors.

Counter top options are a great example of how flexible modern kitchen design can be. Natural quartz, quartz composite, granite, marble, and slate are popular and beautiful slab counter top options. Tiled stone can also work in a modern kitchen but is usually best when the tiles are of a solid nature and have grout that matches. Stainless steel is a durable counter top that has a more industrial aura about it. Laminate and butcher block are relatively affordable options that have different benefits. Wood counter tops have a sense of warmth to them and can take on a variety of looks with their hue, while laminate comes in every color imaginable.

The flooring is an important aspect of a modern looking kitchen, and while there are still a lot of options, faithfulness to the visual cleanliness should be adhered to. The clean look can be achieved with bamboo, wood, or wood laminate flooring in anything that is not knotty or country in feel. Concrete flooring can have a more industrial look but is also very functional and can be softened with a perfectly, patterned rug. Options of concrete, vinyl, cork, stone or ceramic tile can all work if the colors and patterns are selected with a clear conclusion in mind.

Finally, fun, dramatic lighting of endless options, usually with silver toned or stainless steel hardware complete the modern kitchen design. One of the unsurpassed things about a modern kitchen is the plethora of design options possible. If the clean, simplistic look is what you desire, have fun selecting the elements of your modern kitchen.

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